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How about a specially formulated supplement for the new mother after the intense experience of labour - made by you for you! Could you ask for better?


I specialise in helping new mothers benefit from their placenta without any fuss, offering a

simple, hassle free service.  Being the first to offer this service to mothers in Kerry I pride

myself in offering a professional, efficient service, providing each new mother with the

benefits that can be obtaining from placenta encapsulation along with my extensive

expertise in homeopathic medicine. 

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The main benefits reported by mothers have been:

  • Encourage a healthy milk supply - placenta capsules can encourage a quick

       and health milk supply.

  • Reduce post-natal bleeding/speed up recovery time - Placenta capsules are

       known to reduce post birth bleeding while providing the body with a boost of

       nutrients vitamins and minerals to begin healing.

  • Dramatically reducing hair loss -  Rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals these wonderful capsules will helping improve the appearance of your skin, hair and nails.

  • Replace depleted iron - understandably with the loss of blood during birth your iron levels can decrease - the placenta capsules will quickly give you the boost required to re-balance iron levels and give you the energy required to cope with a busy day.

  • Balance post-birth hormones - the hormonal transition from pregnancy to postpartum can be eased by taking the placenta capsules while also helping prevent the ‘baby blues’.




Placenta Capsules

There are two ways of making placenta pills using the traditional Chinese Method (TCM) which involves steaming the placenta before dehydration or the Simple Dried Method - which simply involves the dehydration of raw placenta.  Both methods involve grinding and encapsulation after complete dehydration.

Mother and Baby

Homeopathic Placenta Remedy

Homeopathic remedies heal on a vibrational, energetic level.  A homeopathic placenta remedy can be used for both baby and mother.  This remedy is prepared from the child’s own placenta, it provides an added individualised boost to overcome the child’s own particular inherited tendencies. A homeopathic remedy made from the placenta not only helps the child but can also be of benefit to the mother.

  • Improves symptoms of emotional stress, depression, anxiety and sorrow.

  • Improves symptoms of hormone imbalance (when period returns, weaning baby and menopause).

  • Helps in the future with emotional symptoms experienced when dealing with difficult issues surrounding your child.

  • May help with colic, crying fits, teething and separation anxiety.

  • Babies struggling with breastfeeding .


The placenta homeopathic remedy gives you the option of  lifelong benefits from your placenta as it can be easily re-ordered.


Placenta Essence

The essence of the placenta holds a tremendous power to heal for mother and baby.  An essence heals on an energetic or vibrational level.  It is known for supporting the immune system and can work as a substitute remedy when the placenta capsules cannot be taken due to ill health or when the capsules have finished.

May be useful in the following situations:

  • Help in times of distress, imbalance

  • Give energy and strength when ill

  • If stored properly can be kept indefinitely


Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is strong and useful for all sorts of hormonal balancing from PMS to menopause and can be also be used for emotional, mental and psychological instability also.  It takes up to 6 weeks to make.

Mother's Kiss

Homeopathic Post Natal Kit

As a registered homeopath I provide a homeopathic post natal kit which consists of 7 remedies for

a variety of post natal challenges.  For example; breastfeeding issues, episiotomy healing,

c- section recovery and mental and emotional support. 


This kit also includes two 15 minute telephone consultations to help you determine what remedy may be required. 



I cannot recommend this service enough, Sinead came to limerick to collect the placenta just hours after my baby was born and I received my capsules in the post two days later, just as I arrived home from the hospital! This is my third baby and 1st time using the capsules , and wow what a difference! I was buzzing around getting all my jobs done dropping and collecting kids from school, doing night feeds and still full of energy. My hair and nails are really strong, my iron levels have risen and I healed much quicker than previous times. I am now 5 weeks postpartum and feel great! Thank you Sinead , you provide a 1st class service with a really personal touch.

Lorraine Mc Grath

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