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Food is our fuel - we need to make sure the food we eat is nourishing our bodies and providing energy.  I like to use the analogy of a car.  If you have a petrol car it won't function if you put diesel in it!


Similarly our bodies won't function efficiently if we keep putting in fuel (food) that depletes our body. 

So it is clear that a huge factor to obtaining a healthy body is very much dependant on what we fuel our body with. To obtain health, mentally, emotionally and physically we need to consider what fuels our energy. 


Sometimes to regain balance we may need to identify food that can cause stress in the body. 


The Qest4 system can test for food sensitivity, identifying the foods that are currently not serving your body and depleting your energy and strength.  It is good to restrict diet in a healing process, with the aim of strengthening the body to enable it to become adaptable and in time, lessening food restrictions without affecting the bodies health. 

The Qest 4 food sensitivity scan, tests for a wide variety of food and beverages covering food items found on every level of the food pyramid. With this information advice is given on dietary strategies to maximise good nutrition while avoiding potential trigger foods  

This system also has the ability to test for environmental sensitivities along with allergy sensitivity eg animal dander, dust etc.

For the client this system is non-invasive, the scan takes approximately 10 -15 mins.  The frequency given out by the system is light so isn't felt by the client. Scans can be carried out on children as well as adults and if you are unable to visit my treatment rooms a scan can also be carried out by using a sample of hair or nail clippings from the body. 


A detailed report can be sent by email to the client following the consultation. 

Food Sensitivity Testing 

Including environmental and allergy sensitivity
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