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Bring a new dimension to your health and wellness with Bio Energy Qest4 – instant insight via energetic-informational testing.

Having practiced Homeopathy for the last decade I have seen many clients benefit from homeopathic remedies, I am very much aware that the homeopathic remedy prescribed is very much dependant on the questions I ask, along with the answers I receive from my client, which in turn is dependent on their level of awareness.  Awareness is wonderful, but not everyone is tuned into their body. 


Not every client will know what triggers an imbalance in the body? 

For example; what triggers a stress response, do they know what it feels like in their body to feel stressed, overwhelmed etc.  As each person may react to stress differently, some situations will stress one person and not another.  This is very much individual.  In my opinion the source of most illness lies with stress.  The body is not at ease! The longer we remain in this state the more the energy flow gets stuck.  

Sinead Hurley Qest4

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Sinead Hurley Qest4

So with this in mind I wanted to find a system that would tap into the bodies unique flow of energy and identify where the body is out of balance.  Having conducted comprehensive research I found Qest4. 


The role of this system in my practice is to give a deeper level of understanding as to the current state of where the bodies energy is blocked.  Getting an accurate account of this information direct from the source (the body) is providing me with a vast amount of in dept knowledge on where the body needs support.  



The Qest4 system communicates with the innate intelligence (energy, chi, etc.) through informational energetic patterns sent out of the system, and receives response from the body through electrodes.  This transference of information through energetic language is how everything becomes interconnected.  With Qest4, you are able to find the bigger picture, so you can see causes to imbalances. Once a person knows why something is out of balance, we can treat the root cause instead of the symptoms; enabling the body to truly heal.

Obviously health is very much dependant on what we fuel our body with.  Sometimes to regain balance we may need to identify food that can cause stress in the body.  The Qest4 system can test for food sensitivity, identifying the foods that are currently not serving your body and depleting your energy and strength.  It is good to restrict diet in a healing process with the aim of strengthening the body to enable it to become adaptable and in time  lessening food restrictions without affecting the bodies health. 

Sinead Hurley Homeopathy

For the client this system in non-invasive, the scan takes approximately 10 -15 mins.  The frequency given out by the system is light so isn't felt by the client. Scans can be carried out on children as well as adults and if you are unable to visit my treatment rooms a scan can also be carried out by using a sample of hair or nail clippings from the body.  A detailed report can be sent by email to the client following the consultation. 

The highly specific information from the scan can be imprinted or copied to make a support remedy.  With the correct information, healthy communication is re-established resulting in a healthy body and reduction of dis-ease in the body.  

Scientifically, many years were spent discovering the best way to send this energetic information and measure how our intelligence communicates with, and responds to, the information being sent.


The hardware functions are described using terminology familiar to electrical engineers; however, the software language or signatures we output are unique to the Qest4.  The sophistication of the response measurements and the scope of the Qest4 database are some of the key features that set the system apart and account for the ground-breaking results being experienced. 



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