placenta encapsulation kerryHow my Placenta Encapsulation Service Works

The following are some FAQ about how I operate my placenta encapsulation service.  If your question isn’t answered please feel free to contact me by phone at 087 20 40 200 or email:

Question: Who do I need to talk to in the hospital about placenta Encapsulation?

Answer: This depends on whether you are going private or public.  If you are a private patient you will need to discuss this with your consultant.  If you are a public patient, it may be best to include this request in your birth plan and wait to discuss this option until you go in to have your baby as you will be consulting with different people on your antenatal visits.

Question: What do I need to pack when going to the hospital ?

lunch box for Placenta Encapsulation

1 x 2 litre leak-proof lunch box

zip bag for Placenta Encapsulation

1 x 2 litre zip-lock bag

Ice Packs for Placenta Encapsulation

Approx 6 ice packs

cooler bag for Placenta Encapsulation

1 x cooler bag (appropriate size to fit lunch box and ice packs)

Question. When do I need to fill in the booking form?
Answer. It’s best to fill in your booking form and return it to me as soon as you decide to go ahead with placenta encapsulation. Presently I only take a few clients a month so availability of dates can be limited.

Question. What happens once I have completed & returned the booking form ?

Answer: In my practice I like to contact Mums-to-be about 2 weeks before their estimated delivery date to go through everything.  Mums-to-be are always welcome to contact me with any queries or concerns and I would also encourage their birthing partner to contact me should they have any queries.

Pregnant Lady - Placenta EncapsulationQuestion. When do I contact you  – before or after I have my baby ?

Answer. Where possible I ask mums-to-be to have their birth partner text me just to let me know that you have started the labour process. Sometimes this isn’t always possible.

Question. What needs to happen after I have my baby ?

It is extremely important to keep your placenta cool in your cooler bag or have someone store it in a  fridge until I can collect. Once your placenta is ready for collection,  I can arrange collection with your birthing partner and appropriate time and place to collect.