Homeopathy and Croup

Croup Cough: I have to say this is my favorite kind of cough. You may wonder why? A croup cough is very distinctive – other coughs can change from being dry to loose, a croup cough is a croup cough! Also the level of relief is dramatic whenever treated with homeopathic remedies.
But before embarking on the remedies and their differentiation, let’s make certain that you know what a croupy cough is like. Croup has that distinct sound. It sounds exactly like a seal barking. And for that reason, it is an alarming sound that can frighten both the parents and the child suffering from it. However, the results of choosing the correct remedy are so striking that it’s a pleasure to learn these remedies.

Croup is an illness that usually afflicts children from ages 1-4. It is one result of a minor respiratory infection followed by laryngitis. What often results is a horrible seal-bark cough that develops at night.
Dr. Boenninghausen, a famous German homeopathic doctor, was renowned for his simplification of this cough by addressing it with one of two remedies. I love when, in homeopathy, we can distill a remedy choice to simply one of three choices.
The first remedy to consider is Aconite. This is not difficult to understand, because Aconite is a remedy for a quick onset and needs to be used within the first 12 to 24 hours of affliction. Often another indicator for the use of Aconite is that the child is frightened and restless with anxiety. This is the very picture of Aconite. Give Aconite 30 each hour, but if there is improvement, prolong the dosage frequency, so that it is only given every 2 hours. When improvement is obvious, stop. Sleep is considered to be “good improvement.” So if your little one falls asleep, go right back to sleep with him/her. The event is likely over.
If not, and the cough persists, follow your last doses of Aconite with Spongia tosta 30c. And continue using it until he either falls asleep or the cough is finished. If it reaches the wee hours of the morning, and your babe is still coughing, or the breath doesn’t have a velvety quality to it, as it should, then give Hepar sulph 30.
It is encouraging to note that in most cases, a child will not need anything more than Aconite – as long as you get in there within the first 12-24 hrs.  No trip to the hospital, content child, content mother  –  Job well done!


Sinéad Hurley LIC.I.S.H, I.S. Hom, is qualified registered homeopath who teaches and consults with Moms/Dads in her consulting rooms, via phone or SKYPE


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