Homeopathic Placenta Remedy


Your Guide to Homoeopathic Placenta Remedy

Your homoeopathic placenta remedy should arrive within 4-5 weeks after the birth of your baby. When you receive your remedy you may find this information useful. You and your baby grew your beautiful placenta together therefore your placenta remedy may help you both.

The Mother

In my experience and research the Placenta Remedy may help improve symptoms of emotional stress, depression, anxiety, sorrow, mourning (when dealing with death) and hormone imbalance (when your period returns, when weaning baby off the breast or during menopause). Your remedy may also help in the future with emotional symptoms experienced when dealing with difficult issues surrounding your child/children.

The Baby

Your Placenta Remedy may help with colic, crying fits, teething, separation anxiety (usually around 7-10 months) and babies struggling with breastfeeding.


One tablet when symptoms are noticed and continue one tablet every 15-20 minutes for an hour until symptoms subside or there is a change of mood. It can be repeated as above if symptoms return. If there is no change in an hour the remedy is not working – ask advice from your homeopath for a more suitable remedy. Visit your local homoeopath or GP should symptoms persist longer than a week.

How to take your tablets

When taking your remedy avoid handling the tablets – drop a tablet into the lid, use the lid to drop the tablet into your mouth. Your remedy works best if taken 15 minutes before or after food and drink and 30 minutes before or after brushing your teeth.

For baby crush the remedy between two teaspoons and dissolve powder in a few drops of cooled boiled water or clean drinking water from a bottle or filter. The water with the remedy inside can be tipped into the mouth. If it is spit up it is not a problem as the remedy is absorbed even if only a little enters the mouth.

Storing your tablets

Store your tablets in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and strong odours.

How long can I keep my tablets?

Your tablets should last indefinitely if stored properly.

Ordering more remedy

You may wish to order more of your remedy for future use. Your remedy will continue to work indefinitely if stored properly.

Your remedy will be kept with Sinéad Hurley under your name for 2 years. You can order more of your placenta remedy by contacting Sinéad Hurley directly. Your name and details are stored in her directory.

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You can order different strengths of your remedy – speak to a homeopath, you will be advised of the strength you need for your symptoms. The 30C strength is the most common potency for adults and the 7C potency is recommended for babies by Cornelia Enning, author of Placenta: The Gift of Life.

More information

More information available at www.placentaremediesnetwork.or

Some information used in this guide regarding placenta remedy was taken from ‘Placenta: The Gift of Life’ by Cornelia Enning