What is CEASE Therapy?

CEASE therapy was developed by Dutch Medical Doctor & Homeopath –  Tinus Smits who was looking for a way to help children with autism. CEASE stands for Complete Elimination Autism Spectrum Expression.  CEASE Therapy is a process of homeopathic detoxification. CEASE Therapy may be used to enhance healing in complex cases where various toxic exposures, or an accumulation of toxic exposures, have created a barrier to the process of healing.


    The components of the systematic approach of CEASE:

    CEASE utilizes several holistic elements to form a systematic approach that helps people detox from physical and energetic blockages while bringing balance to the mind and body.  The elements used in CEASE are:

    Homeopathy – the use of remedies in different potencies.  For the majority of people who come for homeopathy, a well chosen constitutional homeopathic remedy is all they will need to restore their health. In some cases however, we find that the response to a good remedy is incomplete, or the good effects of a remedy do not hold. In suitable cases, using CEASE Therapy to specifically clear the effects of a particular toxic exposure allows the constitutional remedy to work much better.

    Isotherapy – the use of pathogenic substances that have been prepared in homeopathic potencies.  For instance if a particular medication such as Gardasil is suspected to play a part in an illness, the homeopathic version of Gardasil will be used to help the body rid itself of the physical and energetic imprints that it has left on the body.

    Inspiring Homeopathy – A modern form of classical homeopathy developed by Dr. Smits to treat universal human problems.  Some themes uncovered by Dr. Smits include:  want of self-confidence, lack of love or self-love, not being grounded in the body, lack of protection, old traumas, etc.  The most frequently prescribed inspiring homeopathic remedies for children with autism are Cuprum metallicum and Saccharum officinale.  Cuprum helps with obsessiveness, inflexibility and tension (including tics and head banging).  Saccharum officinale helps to restore emotional contact with parents, siblings and classmates.

    Orthomolecular Medicine – nutritional supplements in therapeutic doses to nourish the brain and restore proper intestinal function.  In my practice, I have found enormous benefit from adding Ascorbyl palmitate, probiotics, magnesium, zinc and fish oil recommend by Dr. Smits.

    Nutrition – Give your child the best nutrition available, like fresh organic foods. Avoid packaged foods. By doing this you will prevent further toxicity from heavy metals, pesticides, flavour enhancers like MSG, artificial sweeteners, colour additives, GMOs, preservatives and other waste products. Many studies have shown that there is a link between MSG and obesity, diabetes, migraines and headaches, autism, ADHD, and even Alzheimer’s.


    Who can benefit from CEASE Therapy? 

    Anybody whose health has suffered as a result of toxic exposure can benefit from CEASE Therapy. The CEASE method has been found especially useful in ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and for children who have challenges related to Autism Spectrum conditions. We have also found the CEASE therapy method of homeopathic detoxification extremely helpful for clients who have an auto-immune condition or a chronic illness and for anyone who feels they have not been well since a particular toxic exposure. Using CEASE Therapy, in addition to classical homeopathy, allows me to provide greater benefit to all of these clients than I could do using classical homeopathy alone. 


    Treatment Specific to each person

    Many people can be exposed to the same toxin but not everybody will be equally harmed. This is because people vary in the degree to which they are susceptible. It is also part of human nature to continually detox and attempt to re-establish health. For this reason, a susceptible person may not have been harmed by every toxin they have been exposed to. For many people, use of the homeopathic constitutional remedy alone will be enough to restore health. Some cases are more complex. If the constitutional remedy alone is not having the desired effect, then we may look at possible barriers to healing. CEASE Therapy is highly individualised in the way that we take careful note of a person’s symptoms, so as to identify the most likely causative agent. We like to target our detoxes at the exposures that are most likely to bring greatest benefit to whatever is causing your health issue. CEASE Therapy is not a protocol that can be applied routinely to every case. Hand in hand with the prescribed detoxes, I am also using classical homeopathy in the form of an individually chosen constitutional remedy to support the health of the whole person.


    How was CEASE therapy first developed?

    Dr Tinus Smits was a Dutch medical doctor and homeopath with a busy homeopathy practice in Holland for more than thirty years, until his death in 2010. During the 1990’s, he became well known in homeopathic circles when he wrote about his method of homeopathic treatment for what he referred to as “post vaccination syndrome”. The cases he described ranged from babies having recurrent respiratory tract or ear infections to children having seizures to adults with chronic fatigue. When patients reported that their health issue seemed to begin after a particular vaccination, he used the homeopathic remedy made from that particular vaccine. You can read detailed accounts of Tinus Smits’ Method during these early years on hispost-vaccination syndrome website.


    Rise in Autism

    As time went on, the rise in the incidence of autism meant that Dr Smits was seeing many children who were on the Autistic Spectrum. In these complex cases, he found that detoxing a particular vaccine was not always enough to restore health. He further refined his method, using not only homeopathic remedies made from vaccines, but also vitamin support and an emphasis on the constitutional remedy prescribed for each individual child.


    Vaccines not the only issue

    During the early 2000’s, he continued to carefully document his work. Over time it became clear to him that, while detoxification of the vaccines brought great improvements to many, not everybody was helped significantly. With some children, he saw that a case would progress so far, with improvements in function and quality of life, but not all the way to complete satisfaction. He began to think that vaccines were not the full story.


    Medications, environmental toxicity

    An increasing number of prescribed and over-the-counter medications are used before and during pregnancy and during a child’s early years. The developing baby may be exposed to many potential toxins both chemical and energetic. Medications, surgeries, dental work, contraception, fertility treatment, environmental pollutants – all perhaps a necessary part of modern life and difficult to avoid. However, an accumulation of such exposures can have a long-term impact on a person’s health. Each person is genetically and physiologically different and his or her response to pathogens, toxins and environmental stresses will differ. Some have the health and vitality to recover fully, while for others, the effect of repeated toxic exposures may be harmful.


    Detoxification using Isopathic Remedies

    Through careful case-taking, Dr Smits compiled an individual list of past exposures for each patient. Using homeopathic remedies made from each toxic exposure (isopathic remedies), he then detoxed these exposures one at a time. He found that different detox courses brought improvements in different areas of the patient’s health and well-being.


    CEASE Therapy

    Gradually, what came to be called CEASE therapy was developed and Dr Smits was ready to publish his experience in “Autism Beyond Despair”. The first course to train homeopaths in this method was given by Dr Smits in the Netherlands in 2009. There are now over 500 certified CEASE therapists worldwide and more courses are being given every year. You can read more on the CEASE therapy website.



    If you would like to enquire about how CEASE therapy may be applied to your particular health issue, please contact me on sinead@www.sineadhurley.com