Homeopathy – Why?

Homeopathy – Why?


How can homeopathy improve my life, what has it got to offer to my already hectic lifestyle?  Isn’t that just for other people who have all the time in the world to be researching this potion and that potion!

Well think again – read on, this might well surprise you, that is of course if you can make the time to read on (5 mins is all that’s required)  and possibly in doing so, learn a much easier and FASTER – yes faster way of treating those everyday family health issues.

As a mother of three children I understand the pressure Mums find themselves under when a child gets sick, especially when you may have to go to work, make lunches, drop here there and everywhere, keep the home fires burning, and still try and provide the best care for you little one who’s feeling under the weather.  It really is a juggling game.  I feel people are becoming more and more aware of the harm that antibiotics can do.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a place where this form of medication is needed but I feel it’s over prescribed at times.

So what else can you do to support your ill child/family member? 

Homeopathy works with the body, while getting to the root of the problem.  It’s a natural medicine that’s been around since the 1800’s, and wait for the best (drum roll……) it was discovered by a German Doctor – yes you read right – a qualified doctor,  who became disillusioned by the ineffective treatments of his time and decided to give up his practice and concentrate on study, research, writing and translation.  Thankfully he stumbled upon a document which he was requested to translate and this document was to be of great importance in the development of homeopathic theory and practice.

So back to your ill child……..

Child wakes with a raging high fever – your exhausted and really just want to go back to sleep – a quick squirt of nurofen/calpol and within 10-20 mins child is back to sleep and hopefully so are you. What’s wrong with that I hear you ask.

What have you just done?

Other than manage to get back to sleep, you have gotten rid of the first line of defence for your child.  The body produces a fever to burn off an invader.  What a great body – very cleverly design.  But now we are telling the body – “no I don’t what you to produce a fever”.  So we suppress the fever and feel – great that’s that sorted back to bed.  Early morning comes and nurofen/calpol needs a top up!  So we give another dose and yes, you can go to work and your child can go to school and everything is running as normal.  This might continue for a few days, and then a really bad chest infection kicks in, a septic throat, an earache etc.  Off to GP now for an antibiotic.  Yes the antibiotic will most probably take the symptoms away after a few days but it will also mess up the gut flora and leave your child with a low immunity.  Hey presto – we are in the vicious circle of picking up every cold and flu that’s around and not have the ability to fight it off.

So step back and take a look at the sequence of events.  What are we doing here? 

All we are doing is suppressing the patient’s first line of defence so after a while of repeating this process we end up with a child/adult who won’t produce a fever anymore.  The body things “why bother producing a fever when it’s only going to be knocked back – lets go straight to the chest infection, earache, sore throat, etc etc etc.

So where does homeopathy kick in – in the words of Mary Poppins, “right at the very beginning, is a very good place to start” in this event, it’s the fever.


If we can work with the fever then the rest won’t happen.  The medicine we use are called remedies.  There are a few excellent remedies that can work with the body to deal with the fever and the invader.  You will now become a detective, so along with being a wife, mother, cook, housekeeper etc you will now become a detective.  You will learn how to observe symptoms  and with this information you will soon learn how to determine which remedy is required.  Initially this can be a bit tricky but once you find the remedy that deals with your child’s fever, more often than not it will be the remedy required for future fevers.  Also just so you know – once the body receives the correct remedy that matches the symptoms, you will see the patient regain health quite rapidly.  So don’t think you are going to be up all night trailing through homeopathic books to find the right remedy.  You will be able to rest at ease and know that you haven’t suppressed the fever and you have worked with the body in helping to flight off the invader.

As a registered homeopath my passion is to educate parents on how to use homeopathy in the family home.  With this in mind I have designed a homeopathic beginners course (in classroom and online) which takes you through how homeopathy works and how to get starting with home prescribing.  Once you get the hang of this – believe me you won’t look back, you will wonder why you didn’t know about this wonderful form of medicine all along! Check out me website for further details on upcoming courses http://www.sineadhurley.com

Also it is important to note that homeopathy is both safe and wonderful during pregnancy.  You are advised during pregnancy to try and avoid medication, for good reason.  But pregnancy can sometimes bring with it some challenges, so what do you do?  Grin and bear it,  or look to something natural.  Homeopathy can treat ailments like nausea, morning sickness, leg cramps, constipation, diarrhoea and emotional distress.



It doesn’t stop there – postpartum we see some great benefits also.  There are amazing remedies to help regular hormones after giving birth, increase milk supply, help with healing etc.  I had three sections – my third section was my best experience.  Everyone was warning me that the third can be very hard etc etc.  I can say with my hand on my heart, it was without doubt my best experience.  I was a qualified homeopath at this stage and used my knowledge on homeopathy to help me recover.  I remember walking the corridors of the hospital the day after my c-section and the nurses were in awe of how I could stand up straight. (I was amazed myself, as the previous two sections were not anyway like this)  All in all it was a great experience.  I also succeeded with breastfeeding and even managed to feed through mastitis, using homeopathic remedies to recover (very quickly too I may add).

I love supporting new Mums and have added the service of placenta encapsulation to my practice.  The benefits are outstanding, these capsules without doubt provide great support at a time when a new Mum really needs it.  The capsules are of great benefit in replenishing vitamins and minerals and increasing iron levels.  Post-natal bleeding can be greatly reduced, making recovery time much faster.   Once the capsules are gone – there gone!  A lot of women would love to have the continued benefits and this can be obtained for the placenta homeopathic remedy which can be made into whatever potency you wish.  The most frequently used potencies being 7c, 30c, 40c or 200c.  Your placenta homeopathic remedy can be used for both mother and baby.  If you are breastfeeding your baby then it will be passed through the milk.  If not they can be given orally to the baby by crushing the pillules between two teaspoons and dissolving the powder in a few drops of cooled boiled water.  The water with the remedy inside can be tipped into the mouth.  Your placenta remedy may help your baby with colic, crying fits, teething, separation anxiety and babies struggling to breastfeed.  For the mother, her placenta remedy may help improve symptoms of emotional stress, depression, anxiety, sorrow, and hormone imbalance (when your period return, when weaning baby off the breast or during menopause).

So to conclude, my motto in life is “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”.  I’m so glad I have homeopathy in my life – it really is a game changer.  You too can ease the stress associated with everyday healthcare in the family home – just open your mind!

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